About Missouri Accreditation

Missouri was the first state to develop and implement quality accreditation criteria for programs providing care and education for children. Founded in 1981, Missouri Accreditation is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental agency. Since 1984, we have served as an institutional accrediting agency, providing leadership in the development of standards and performance based assessment. Missouri Accreditation has continued to provide ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and recognition of programs who have achieved accreditation.

Missouri Accreditation functions in areas beyond the scope of state licensing for early childhood and school age programming. To receive accreditation, a program must exceed the minimum licensing requirements. Missouri Accreditation focuses on qualitative aspects of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth opportunities made available to children enrolled in center-based, home-based, school age care and education programs.

Accreditation involves a thorough validation of the criteria listed below:

  • Children’s Relationships and Interactions

  • Physical Environment

  • Programming/Curriculum

  • Program/Family Connections

  • Administration

  • • Health, Safety, and Nutrition

For more detail regarding the quality standards please see the Self-Studies section on the MOA Site Menu.